Elevating Your Business Through Technology

We are a strategic partner dedicated to helping companies optimize their operations and reduce risks with advanced, comprehensive, and customized technological solutions. We deliver turnkey projects and managed services that simplify technological complexity and enhance critical business processes.

At Apollocom, we understand that technology is vital for enhancing critical processes and ensuring business security. Our purpose is to help companies navigate confidently in a challenging world. We provide advanced and tailored solutions that optimize operations, mitigate risks, and ensure operational continuity.

As a vendor-agnostic company, we have the flexibility to select the best available solutions, precisely tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Driven by innovation and excellence, we are committed to delivering solutions that provide real value.
To provide intelligent solutions with the highest standards of safety, quality, integrity, and innovation in the markets we serve. We are committed to delivering maximum value to our customers through the expertise and dedication of our employees.
Our Mission
To be recognized as leaders in delivering integrated solutions, renowned for our adaptability and flexibility. We aim to build long-term strategic relationships with our clients, becoming their trusted partner in navigating operational challenges and achieving sustainable success in an ever-changing business environment.
Our Vision
At Apollocom, we prioritize safety, ensuring the well-being of our operations, clients, and employees. We maintain the highest standards of quality, operate with honesty and transparency, and continually seek innovative solutions. Our focus is on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, fostering long-term partnerships. We deeply value the talent and dedication of our employees, who are the foundation of our success.
Our Values

Our Staff

Belinda Quijano

I am proud to lead a company that is unwavering in its commitment to technology, innovation, and integrated solutions. We prioritize honesty in our work and cultivate strong relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. We are passionate about embracing challenges, continuously improving our projects, and pushing ourselves to deliver new and critical solutions. As a dynamic, 100% Mexican company, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth and evolution of our country.

Our Staff

Eloy Manuel López
Commercial Director

We are a creative and adaptable team, capable of providing technological solutions for any industrial challenge. Our priority has always been to actively listen to our customers and collaborate with them to find solutions to their most pressing challenges. Our goal is to be a strategic ally in highly complex projects, and our philosophy is to always find a way to make things work.

Our Staff

Daniel Corsica
Director of Technology and Innovation

We are a company that always looks to the future, which is why we have an innovation department that is dedicated to seeking the most advanced technology for our customers. The 15 years of experience in the market demonstrate not only the company's ability to adapt to technological changes, but also its financial and operational strength.

Our Staff

Ángeles Hernández
Human Capital Manager

At Apollocom, we firmly believe that a company's greatest asset is its talent, so we are convinced that nothing is more important than attracting and developing our employees to contribute to business strategy. Every day Apollocom develops actions to create a work space that contributes to maintaining a creative and innovative environment, without neglecting the human element.

Our Staff

Ricardo Castañeda
Director of Operations

My commitment is to excellence in Operations based on Operational Discipline, as well as a strategic approach based on Methodologies, Processes and People that form the fundamental pillars for continued success under the Management in my charge.

Our Staff

Hugo Jasso
Administration and Finance Manager

At Apollocom, we understand that the world of technology is constantly evolving and that every company has unique needs. What makes us different is our ability to integrate customized technological solutions that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Staff

Kelly Swartz
Strategic Alliances and Marketing Manager

At Apollocom, our relationships with customers and partners are our greatest asset and we cultivate them with dedication. We are driven by a passion for mutual growth: when our clients thrive, so do we, and in turn, our partners benefit. Everything is naturally interconnected.

Our Staff

Homero Flores
Sales Manager

At Apollocom, our customers are the priority. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and providing solutions that exceed your expectations. Our commitment is to build lasting relationships based on trust and shared success.


Discover firsthand testimonials of how we've enhanced business performance across different industries.

Working with Apollocom on our projects is synonymous with trust in their professionalism and technical capacity, with the guarantee of a job well done and in a professional manner.”

Roberto Zapata

The professional service provided by Apollocom, to the Los Ramones Phase 2 South gas pipeline project, maintained high technical quality at all times. It is important to highlight the capacity and great availability of its staff to meet the demands of the project, fulfilling the commitment made in a timely manner”.

Enrique Brunner
Ica flour

Apollocom is responsible for the largest implementation of Nozomi Networks in Mexico. As a growing number of industrial organizations across Mexico adopt digitalization, cybersecurity for their operational networks has become a priority. We are pleased to partner with Apollocom to provide customers with effective solutions for OT and ICS visibility and security.”

Josue Maturano
Nozomi Networks

Apollocom Voices

Energy Coordinator
Nicolas Santos García
Working at Apollo Communications has been a transformative experience in terms of professional development. The company offers a dynamic and challenging environment that encourages continuous learning and personal growth. I have had the opportunity to assume leadership roles in key projects, which has significantly boosted my career.”
Assistant Business Development Manager
Gustavo Marín Téllez
Working at Apollo Communications has been a transformative experience in terms of professional development. The company offers a dynamic and challenging environment that encourages continuous learning and personal growth. I have had the opportunity to assume leadership roles in key projects, which has significantly boosted my career.”
SOC Analyst
Jesús Maruri Gómez
The work environment at Apollocom is unbeatable; the company culture promotes creativity, inclusion and respect, making every day rewarding.” Working at Apollocom has been a transformative experience in terms of professional development. I have had the opportunity to assume leadership roles in key projects, which has significantly boosted my career.”
Technical Leader in Cybersecurity
Fredy Benitez Venegas
Apollocom stands out for its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. My participation in technologically advanced projects has allowed me to always be up to date with the latest trends in the sector, which has significantly enriched my knowledge and technical skills.”
Design draftsman
Gabriela Estefanía Mariscal Garrido
At Apollocom, I have had the opportunity to work on extremely challenging and complex projects that require a high level of strategic thinking and creativity. These projects have not only tested my abilities, but they have also allowed me to develop and perfect them.”
NOC/SOC operator
Jorge Luis Huerta Flores
Apollocom is committed to providing all the resources necessary for the success of its employees. From state-of-the-art technological tools to a support team always ready to help, the company ensures that we have everything we need to produce high-quality work and achieve outstanding results.”
Design draftsman
Gabriela Estefanía Mariscal Garrido
Apollocom is governed by high ethical standards and transparency, which has created an environment of trust and mutual respect. Knowing that I work in a company that values integrity and honesty has reinforced my commitment and loyalty to the organization.”
Clients First
We prioritize our customers in every aspect of our work, committed to offering solutions that drive their success.
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